How did C.O.F.M become?

After all the abuse I experienced, the Lord began to work on the restoration of my identity. I believed so much in people telling me I was no good, I was stripped bare. The Lord was so kind as to change things for me in a very amazing unexpected encounter. To restore who I was, I was taken up to heaven in an encounter. In this encounter, while I was in heaven I was given new clothes. My rags were exchanged for a beautiful golden gown and a crown adorned with many precious stones was placed on my head. I was led away to the sound of trumpets blowing and an announcement that I was dining with the Father. It was quite the occasion, like a Coronation. 

I was acknowledged by angels and spirit beings. Such recognition. I was taken to a magnificent dining room and led to a huge table which was exquisitely set for two and I was led to a seat on the left. At this point the Father walked in. He came to sit at the head of the table, as he did, he looked at me and said, "You are having dinner with me tonight." This was when I dined with the Lord. We talked like Father and daughter and we talked like we have known each other forever which we have. This was when He showed me who I am in Him, what was available to me, my recognition in His house, and my Royalty. After this encounter, I notice that when people saw me they would comment that I carry so much Royalty. Two years ago the Lord changed my name from Cynthia to Esther and told me my ministry would be called "Crowns of Fire Ministries".

What is the Vision of C.O.F.M?

The Vision is to lead people into supernatural encounters with the Lord so they can experience their true Royalty in Him. To share about His face and the place we have in and with Him, so that as a body we will step into what's already ours, our Royal inheritance. "Royalty is not just a word, it's who we are, and to know our Royalty is to know our purpose." 

What is the Mission of C.O.F.M?

The mission is to empower every man (King), every woman (Queen) and every child (Prince or Princess) to step into the fullness of who they are. To go to the nations, transforming one Royal life at a time, through encounters, healing, and the prophetic. 'Healing is a display of our Royal Identity in action' as we release what Jesus the King of Kings and Lord of Lords made available because of His love and our standing with Him. With Jesus we can transform lives.