Daddy Blessing His Girl!

In March 2013, I needed an iPad as I was leading the Bethel Missions trip to Sierra Leone. I did not want to take my laptop so I prayed and asked God to give me an iPad. My prayer was this. "Can it be something I don't have to buy myself". I wrote on Facebook, "God is going to give me an iPad. I won't have to pay for it with my own money". Some people made some snide remarks but most were generally good. I went to missions without an iPad so I continued to pray anyway. I think that most things we want we need to give God a change to provide for us. 

        In August I am in Central London having just received my visa to return to Redding. I was very happy. As I walked down the street, I received a text from a friend telling me she was thinking of me and decided to pay 1000 pounds into my bank account. I was so overwhelmed wth God's goodness, I began to give thanks on the street. I just got my visa approved and now I have been given 1000 pounds. As I praised God, crying in the process. I received another text message. A friend of mine was enquiring where I was. I said I am in Central London. She says lets meet for coffee I am just up the road. We met in a coffee shop. I am all excited telling her what God had done. She put something on the table in front of me. As I looked down, I saw it was an iPad. I said whats this. She said "The Lord told me to give this to you". I began to cry. In one day, I got my visa, 1000 pounds and an iPad. Over the next few days, I was just giving thanks to the Lord. This was Friday. On Monday I contacted an airline to book my flight back to Redding. I could not find any flights to San Francisco, so the reservation clerk said, would you consider flying into LA? I said yes of course. He said if you do, I will upgrade you. I said, you will do what? He said, upgrade you. Then he began to tell me why we never see the celebrities and the life at the airport. He said Miss Beckley you will be picked up at your home by a limousine, driven to a private entrance at Heathrow Airport, Private check in, Private security and then taken to our lounge which is the largest one at the airport. He said we have three dates available, which one would work for you. Only one date worked for me which was my birthday. September 10th. First I thought, I don't want to travel only birthday, then I changed my mind and received the offer. My ticket cost me 1,038 pounds. I travelled on a return Upper Class ticket to LA worth over 11,000 pounds. 

On my birthday on 10th September 2013, I flew Upper Class to LA. Nothing prepared me for the luxury that awaited me. I was so amazed at the generosity of my Father. His outrageous provision and simply His goodness. One of my love languages is gifts and surprises. Well, what a gift and what a wonderful surprise. Thank you Dad!