Healing Rooms Testimony

One Saturday morning in April 2012 I came into the Healing Rooms. On that day I was leading Skype. Over Skype we pray for people who call in from all over the world. As we finished setting up, a 1st Year BSSM student came up to me and asked for one of the other healing rooms leaders. I said unfortunately that person is not here today, can I help you. She went on to tell me that her aunty Cynthia was in a home and she is dying from final stages of MS. She came to the healing to have this person pray for her aunty. I said, anyone here can pray for your aunty. She replied, no thanks I was told to come find this person and they can pray. So I said well this person is not here but why don't you take a seat. She did. At 9am we went live and the first call I took was of a man who had fallen off a ladder and was in terrible pain, level number 10. I prayed for this man and she watched this man got healed over Skype. 

At the end of the call, she came to me and said well maybe you could pray for my aunty. I replied off course I will. We Skyped her aunty Cynthia who was in a home. She had a nurse to tend to her 24 hours a day. She was so ill she couldn't talk, walk or move. The muscles in her body had worn out and she had raw pain. She was strapped to a morphin drip to offer her what ever relief she could get. Cynthia looked dead. She was pasty grey and her jaw had dropped to one side. I was told she didn't have long to live. I put my hands on the screen and I began to pray for Cynthia. As I released the Presence of God on her, I was reminded of a song I woke up singing a day earlier. The song is called "I've got a river of life flowing out of me". I remember singing this song all day Friday. So I felt this song was for Cynthia, so I said. "Cynthia I have a song for you." I began to sing this song and I must have sang it twice then suddenly these words came out of my mouth "Cynthia in the name of Jesus Christ of Narzareth, get out of that bed and walk". I was amazed at the authority in my voice. 

To everyone's amazement, Cynthia moved. She opened her eyes and pulled off the covers from over her and got out of bed. Her niece who was sitting just behind me in now in tears and screaming "This is impossible, she can't do that". I began encouraging her, "yes she can, yes she can". Her full time nurse who was with her was standing in the room with her hands over her mouth. Cynthia hasn't walked for years. The doctors had no hope for her. Now in front of all are eyes, Cynthia gets out of her death bed and walks to the other end of her room.  By the time she got there and turned around, I noticed that her face had changed. Color had returned to her skin and I noticed she had the most beautiful blue eyes. There was strength in her body and  and legs. Her face was shinning. It got better.  Suddenly Cynthia spoke. She said "I don't know how to live without the pain". She asked a very important question. That Saturday Cynthia is healed from MS and has full use of her legs and body. Cynthia now 61 is healed after 31 years with the disease. All she had known was terrible pain for all those years. That day Jesus healed her and gave her her life back. Praise Jesus!!